2 comments on “VIDEO DEBATE: Robert Spencer and Peter Kreeft – The only good Muslim is a bad Muslim

  1. i would like to begin by stating that Robert Spencer and Pamela Guella are two of the most important people in my life speaking on behalf of not just their own views but of mine also i have not ever thought that anyone had the guts to be standing up to these so called religeous people (islam-muslims) because if i for example did do the same and spoke as freally as you both have done i would have to go into hiding as we all know that to speak about islam or question a muslim about what qualified muhammad to be a prophet in their views in itself is in it self a crime against allah and i should be put to death.

    I would like to state that i live and was born in Australia and my parents are both from Spain so i for one am aware that i have not to offend anybody as i would not like to be offended but why is it so difficult for a muslim to be questioned about their prophet Muhammad when my intentions are sencerely not one of offending but of interest ?

    Now if i did ask a muslim and not agree with them why do i always have to be subgected to the inferior statetus of being a non believer (athiest) when i do believe in god and also always remind myself that Jesus quoted that many false prophets will claim to be messengers of god and that they are liying why is this so hard for a muslim to comprehend?

    dont they see all the evil deeds muhammad did starting from decraring to be allahs (gods) messenger then to go and be a murderer rapist racist peodophile dictator lier and be posest by himself lucefer these are facts now if i was born a muslim how deluded am i by believing that allah so called (god) wanted to make him an excellent example for alll man kind to follow in his footsteps ?

    so if i present or point out to any muslim person these highlighted behaviours that are infact verafied in their own book Qur-an such a huge insult blasphemy and want to kill me or hurt me? could someone please take a bit of time and repond to my questions thank you.

    • Hello Sir, or Ma’am,

      I am not sure how to answer your questions and will have to look at them another day and see if I can respond then.

      THANKS for your comment!!!

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