2 comments on “VIDEO: Geert Wilders Warning to America

  1. Hiya Citizen Warrior. It wasn’t the Muslims who brought down the Twin Towers in New York City. It was the Jewish Mossad and its co-agents in the USA administration.

    It’s not the Muslims who control the currencies and mass media in the Western Nations, including some Asian nations. Its the Jewish House of Rothschild and her associates who do. It’s not the Muslims who have designs to rule the world, it’s the criminal Zionists who do.

    Geert Wilders is just a stooge and a mouthpiece for the supremacists Zionist Cabal. Do some real research into the matter__that is, if you an honest truth seeker and not a mouthpiece for the same criminals. Take care. Ron

    • Actually Ron, I was once a “truther” like you. I was the seventh host at Revere Radio Network. I had my own network called Christian Hope Radio and produced 4 conspiracy/truther related radio shows every week. So your “do some real research” ploy will not get you any where around here because about all I did for 4 years was research what your saying. Have you read the Koran? Be Blessed, Damon

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