7 comments on “MUST SEE ISLAMIC TV MINISTRY: Promoting ABN (The Aramaic Broadcasting Network) at ABNsat.com

  1. It is about time!! This is more important and relevent than The View, pro sports, Dancing With The Stars, the Talking cable heads, etc., etc., etc..Thank You God Or Whoever. Better late yhan never. Steve J. Borkowski

    • Thank you for your comments here Stephen. Because of my comments on the other post to you I want to make it clear that if you don’t believe in God, your more than welcome here. I have not always been a believer and I am willing to work with and partner even with Muslims that can demonstrate they are truly what we call “moderate”, that means to me that they have to be emphatically opposed to Sharia. Have a good day brother.

  2. I agree that ABN is having a huge impact and may be expected to have a huger impact still as time goes by. You don’t have to be a Christian to learn, in a fun and fascinating way, tremendous amounts about Islam’s doctrines and history by watching ABN’s call-in show “Jesus or Muhammad.” David Wood and some of the other frequent guests on that show are brilliant and have taught me at least as much, if not more, about Islam than I learned about it even from the brilliant Robert Spencer.

    • Hi Todd, you can certainly learn about Muhammad from this site and ABN. Give ABN a try. And subcribe to the posting here. Plus come back in a few weeks and there will be a link to an Islam learning Center I am building.

      TAKE CARE,

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