2 comments on “VIDEO: The Testimony of Pastor Erick Venden – From Mormonism, to Islam, to Christianity

  1. Billy Graham said to Larry King that God cannot be proven.
    Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens both have said God cannot be disproven.
    I have challenged many, many people to prove me wrong when I told them that no one has proven or disproven the existence of God.
    I wish there was a way to ask everyone to announce whether or not they could prove the existence of God’
    Then I would like to see an international policy mandating the stating of a disclaimer before any teachings of God in state supported schools/ I request that you start the ball rolling as a means to prevent the evils of religions/

    • HI Stephen, I can show where US school kids have been forced to go visit a Mosque and pray to Allah, and basically make a confession of faith (The shahada) to Allah. I can show you text book after text book that preaches the praise of Islam and insinuates Islamic doctrine into the minds of our youth in the US and other textbooks that preach outright hate in the UK and other countries. Can you show me where Christian doctrine is taught in state supported schools in the US or any other western country?

      I am not in favor of any international policy or law, I am a member of a republic and I do not even believe in the federal power over the states unless the states consensually give the fed that power. You seem to think that freedom of religion means freedom from religion. Well, you need to get a grip, if there was no influence from those that feel a higher accountability to someone besides themselves or other men, this world would be neck deep in the evils of humanism, atheism and totalitarianism. If you want to talk about the evils of religion, your welcome to – but be prepared also to talk about Communism, Nazism, Socialism and of course (the topic of this blog which your post will be required to address) Islam; and the dangers of multi-culturalism and far left liberalism.

      For you to seek and be willing to appeal to and enforce an international law, I have to ask – your not one of those who think if we can just get rid of the old establishments, we can have a man-made utopia on earth, are ya?

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