3 comments on “VIDEO: Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney, Karen Lugo, Mark Thiessen, and S. E. Cupp on Ground Zero Mosque, Foiled Terror Plots and Counter-Jihad

  1. I would like to see a dialogue between these men, as well as hundreds of others with similar backgrounds, that would deal with the reality and/or provability of their God. If any of them could do so, I would gladly agree that the laws of their God are superior than the Constitution. It is about time (actually too late for many casualties of religious wars) for people of good will and concern to demand that religious beliefs are not based on an empirically proven God. With their intellect I am sure they can come up with constructive suggestions.

    • Hi Stephen, aren’t you assuming allot? Why do you even think these men (and women) are religious at all. I’m only familiar with Spencer, a catholic, and Gafney but I don’t know his belief. And I’ve never heard of the other three. Where is your proof that they are religious?

      If your going to speak about religious wars around here, you need to be naming those wars so we can examine the veracity of your claims. There is a really big myth, that is easy to dispel, that most wars are fought over religion. So to prove your right, if you are, why don’t you list a few of those wars in the 20th century that where fought over religion? And also list the ones fought over atheism and politics.

      PROOF OF GOD?, give me a break, Can you prove “empirically” that there is or is not a God?

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