2 comments on “BOOK REVIEW and Q&A with Rodney Stark – author of “God’s Battalions: A Case for the Crusades”

  1. I subscribe to TheReligionofConquest & JihadWatch. Robert Spencer said Reza Aslan is a radical muslim posing as a moderate. I decided to check out Aslan Media, Inc on Facebook to find out for myself. Several of the posters there post disparaging comments about America. I’m trying to defend America, but I could use some help. Will you please consider “liking” Aslan Media, Inc. on Facebook and posting appropriate comments? Thanks.

    • Hi John, thanks for visiting here. I went to facebook and found Aslan’s page, I also just read the new article about him @JihadWatch, and I did see a few anti-American comments. To be honest I just woke up and will have to take some time to think about if I want to jump in over there. Coming from a Christian Cult Apologetics background it is my belief that there are the deceived and the deceivers and at some point it does no good to try and reach the deceivers, the guys over at Aslan’s facebook page are either hardcore muslims, pretending to be moderate, or way left leftist (our real enemy). I am not sure at this time if it would be worth my time to jump in or to use that time to expose the truth to the millions of deceived or undecided. It is honorable that you have jumped right in at the enemies homefront, please remind me to take a look at this again in a few days if your still there. THANKS AGAIN Damon

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