2 comments on “VIDEO: Israel and the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

  1. I just have to thank you Damon for all your hard work in finding these videos and links. You are making this a daily stop for me… and I LOVE THAT! You are also making my understanding of Islam and its history grow in bounds and leaps. Love the site and the time you put into it.

    Blessings, PapaG

    • Thank you Pappa, You have been instrumental in this site. As I noted on my about page, my life kinda changed when I learned about the koran burning pastor from your blog. I would have found out anyway but things would not have went down the way they did if I had found out at any other time,,, so thanks. You have also been a big help in many other ways. I would be really discouraged with the FreeRepublic reference 🙂

      I have 6 or 7 sites I visit everyday and try to post something different from them and I like to focus on speeches, debates and other educational stuff. I am learning as I go and hope to be somewhat of an expert someday and write my own Islamic apologetics material and maybe even have a few debates. Right now I have a few things going on to make this site different. I’m making t-shirts and I have about 15 brochures/tracts/flyers that Victor sent me to scan and upload. I am also going to write a few tracts to go along with some of the shirts I am making. I am going to try a mailing list. I have about 400 addresses from different mailing list I have had over the years. I am crafting a good enough intro/Islam101 email that will maybe encourage most of them to forward the email on to others and I will be sending our a special post once a week. I guess after I get through with these projects I will try to sit down and write some original material.

      I have another friend that reads here and I often post thinking I am helping him and those he helps, so it is realy great to know this site has been educational to you also. THANKS FOR THE LOVE BRO.

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