I will look at the site you suggested and may add something from it to this post. I appreciate that you forwarded this site to your friends. We all need to do our part and I will be here working hard. THANKS BROTHER!!!

  1. to the creator of this website:
    its because of people like you that our world is so fucked up. you acknowledge the crusades as happening, but you are not acknowledging that they too were bloody. you cut down holy wars except for when its christians doing the killing? you are a FUCKING HYPOCRITE. also It appears that you don’t know what the word Jihad means. Jihad in most cases means a kind of inner struggle. you are a disgrace to humanity for your stupidity.

    • Hi Mr. Ruokoja (lruokoja@gmail.com), If you had refrained from using curse words I would have allowed you to further comment here – maybe as much as you wanted to, despite your personal attacks on me.

      ATTENTION TO ALL: When people cannot defend their positions they often revert to attacking the people who postulate the idea’s,,, instead of attacking the ideas themselves:,,, this is called an Ad Hominem argument. The reason why an Ad Hominem (of any kind) is a fallacy is that the character, circumstances, or actions of a person do not have a bearing on the truth or falsity of the claim being made (or the quality of the argument being made). = I could be a hypocrite and a disgrace to humanity but that would not change one single fact about Islam, Muhammad and his followers.

      TO THE REST OF THE READERS; The fact remains that the Christian Crusades against Islam where a belated and defensive response by Christians after hundreds of years of Islamic Jihad against people of all faiths. Please see our Christianity peace/conquest category here (http://thereligionofconquest.com/category/christianity-peaceconquest/)

      Mr. Luther said “Jihad in most cases means a kind of inner struggle” which acknowledges that Jihad is not always an inner struggle. Perhaps he will be more careful with his wording next time he tries to deceive you and I (another form of Jihad).

      • I have a suspicion that Ruokoja knows the meaning of taquiyaa…

  2. i am a Muslim and i saw the up picture on written that i will see your Jihad and i will raise you one crusade so on this my point of view is that let come in front of us (Muslims)then we will tell you that how you will crusades us Jihad is must done by the Muslims against who are against Islam or against Muslims so INSHALLAH we Muslims will do Jihad.ok wait for us.ok

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