4 comments on “VIDEOS: Terry Jones and Ann Barnhardt Rightfully Judging the Koran as EVIL and Sentencing it to Burning – MUSLIMS PROVE THE POINT

  1. I wish a large number of bloggers would threaten to blow up a mosque to show the religious supernuts that we can play their game. We should enlist the nations of those other UN victims to do likewise. Those supernuts are brainwashed by sadistic portions of the Koran which we all should condemn and fight to have deleted from any teachings of the Koran. Thanks

    • Hello Stephen, thank you for your comment, reading this blog-post and visiting again. While I appreciate your zeal and willingness to fully engage in this war (that is mostly spiritual) that we are fighting, I think your desire is misguided and here is why – I could be wrong though.

      I will be burning my Koran because I hate it because it is filled with hate and is satanically inspired. But at the same time I would never blow up a mosque or even threaten to do so – even though most mosque, even in the west, preach hate for all infidels and free western society and seek our demise and/or subjugation. It is very tempting to play “their game” but I think if we do that we lose our “righteous advantage” and it will cause us to lose our fight to secure our freedoms for future generations – because God will not bless us for out-rightly doing evil. When I burn my Koran it will be because I have judged it as evil and rendered the sentence to burn it – that is what it deserves, nothing less. But even more than that I will be doing it to practice my free speech while I still have it.

      Having been in a spiritual abusive (using authority for advantage and control) Christian church for about 8 months in 1985, I know a little bit about being brainwashed. And since then I have been studying Christian cults, engaging in apologetics and trying to help others that are trapped in spiritually abusive churches and ministries. I am thankful that you can see that the “supernuts” (and they are indeed) are brainwashed by the Koran. But it goes deeper than that. Islam (like all sociological cults and even theological cults) use behavior control, information control, thought control and emotion control methods – and deceived and controlled people deceive and control other people and thus perpetuate the cycle. The question I think we need to answer is how do we break the cycle and help free these poor Muslims that are brainwashed into ruthless animals that practice terrorism like their evil, yet revered in their eyes, Prophet.

      The German and Japanese people of the 30’s and 40’s where also brainwashed people. How did these societies and people return to what we would call civilized? It was because in the end good prevailed over evil. So I don’t think violence on a personal level is OK but it may surprise you to know that I do feel corporate violence (the armies of the west) against Islam is very called for, but could possibly be avoided.

      My gut reaction when I first heard about Jones Burn A Koran Day was that it would cause Muslim to riot and kill, and I was against provoking them. But at the same time I could not help but think it might be a good thing to do so and in the end would save many life’s by opening the eyes of those ignorant of the totalitarian political ideology that is Islam. Simply put I thought Jones Koran burning would indirectly cause people to die but would have the advantage of opening peoples eyes and would in turn save many life’s in the future and maybe even our western society. But I had a major inner conflict going on inside and thought,, “will my ideas cause people to die or actually save life’s?”.

      Since then I done much more study, praying and seeking wisdom. The war against the Japanese and Germans peoples was not only to free the lands they had invaded, to stand for righteousness and truth – but it was also to liberate them from themselves. An example of this is that when Japan was conquered we could have just destroyed them all. We could have destroyed all the Germans to and even all the Communist Russians if we wanted to because we HAD THE BOMB and they did not. But instead what we did was help them and allowed them their religious practice but we forced the Japanese to separate their majority religion of Shintoism from their government and politics – in the end truth, love and secularism won out.

      I think the most important thing that needs to happen is Islam needs to be seen and labeled what is it,, a brutal totalitarian political ideology dressed in religion garb. But for this to happen people will have to understand the fundamental difference between religion and politics, that being that religion is what we believe and practice to get to heaven and politics is what we do to relate to others. Then people could see that the Koran is almost totally political because it mostly talks about how Muslims are to relate to and treat non-Muslims. And the Koran, Hadith, biographies of Muhammad and world history show that Muhammad was a total failure as a religious leader and that is why he became a terrorizing and dominating politician. I think victory will be nearly complete if the west can just learn to differentiate between religion and politics and it will cause Islam to collapse on itself – then even Muslims will be free from it.

      Here are some links that might give you some further food for thought. Here is an interview with Ann Barbhardt from the videos above (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/askshow/2011/04/06/the-andrea-shea-king-show). Here is a post over at http://www.CitizenWarrior.com/, I think it will inspire you as it has me (http://www.citizenwarrior.com/2011/04/unusual-birthday-party.html) and here is one showing how the signers of the US Declaration of Independence suffer but persevered and prevailed on all free peoples behalf (http://www.bloodofpatriots.org/blood.htm)

      Please thoughtfully consider what I have said here and what is in the links and get back with me and tell me what you think. I am just an ordinary guy that is struggling with my thoughts and attitudes too and I would appreciate your thoughtful input.

      Thanks so much Stephen,
      God Bless
      damon whitsell

      ****The truth may live a wretched life, but it will always survive a lie!****

  2. The Media has ignored Ann Barnhardt’s burning of the Koran. She didn’t get the publicity she was looking for. She probably did not really burn a Koran. It looked like plain sheets of paper to me. I have an idea it was all a fake.

    • Some things deserve nothing more than a hearty LOL

      Do you think ANN was quoting all those satanically inspired verse from the Koran off a blank sheet of paper and her memory?

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