5 comments on “An Open Letter to Britain, America and the Rest of the West from a Canadian about Islam, Muslims, Terry Jones and Losing Sacred Freedoms

  1. Mr. Blair, I respect your opinions but wish you would attack with equal venom the certainty religious people have of their God. Honesty backed by empirical proof would lead to logical skepticism of one’s beliief. For example, I am a Deist who has come to terms that I don’t know anything about a Creator I believe in only because of Cause and Effect. I challenge anyone to prove they Know more about their God than I do,- which is nothing.
    I believe this is the path to ending religious confrontations.

    • Stephen,,

      First of all, There is no mention of a Mr. Blair in this post or on this blog. I know Laird is close to Blair but that you make such a mistake just shows you only want to hastily rush to judgment with your preconceived notions without slowing down, reading what is posted, thinking about what was said and commenting on that topic. I warned you that anything you posted here that was off topic would not be permitted. You have never once considered or even tried to rebut anything I have said to you or what Mr. Laird has said.

      I am going to allow this post but don’t bother posting here again because your future comments will not get approved. I don’t have time to talk to anyone who is dead set on not knowing anything about God and thinks all religious confrontations could be ended if everyone became a relativist and considered all religions equally false and evil except for deism.

      It is a sad case to say you believe in a creator only because of cause and effect but don’t even know enough to call Him Creator God instead of just Creator. If the prime mover and initial causation of everything is just a Creator,,, that could be a force and not even a personage. So to say that you believe in a creator and others believe in a God proves conclusively that almost everyone else on the planet knows more about God than you do. Your don’t even know He is a person and what to call Him.

      I know the motivation behind your world view and what hampers you from finding God as opposed to simply a Creator. It is accountability and judgment. A far away creator that just created everything, set things into motion and could care less about anything does not imply Accountability and Judgment,, but rest assured myself, you and everyone else will one day stand before the Creator God and will give account for everything we have done, and have not done that we should have done, while in this world.

      Thanks for your few post here that have not been nothing more than slanderous rhetoric and unsubstantiated propaganda.

      I hope one day you will seek the Truth with all your heart because if you do God has promised you will find it/Him.

      I would say be blessed (as I like to do to everyone) but you don’t believe in that kind of creator,,,do ya?

      Have a good one Stephen

    • Our theology is not at issue. The issue is CONQUEST. Until we stand naked and alone before the throne of judgment we will not know for certain whether deity exists or its character.

      In this life, we have certainty of one thing: wars and rumors of wars have been a part of human life from time immemorial. History is replete with them,.

      Men of moral character and good will seek to put a permanent end to wars and the immeasurable grief, suffering and loss they cause.

      Islam is not a religion; it is a Deen: way of life which encompasses all facets of human life from conception to burial. The Deen has a religious component: its “original religion” is Jihad. Jihad means struggle or extreme striing. In the Qur’an, it is applied as “striving with your wealth and your lives ” “in the way of Allah”. .

      Jihad is given as a preferable alternative to agriculture and commerce. Moe said that he was
      raised for Jihad and not raised for tillage”. After his first wife died, he made his income by plunder and extortion. He invented Islam as a means of propagating and perpetuating war for his own personal emolument.

      Distilled to its core concept, Islam is hair pie in the sky when you die if you do my wet work. Muslims are promised eternity in Allah’s celestial bordello if they go to war and threatened with the fire if they sit at home. They will present a real, proximate and continuing threat so long as they continue to believe in Allah, his imperimatives, threat & promise and attempt to implement them.

      To come to a full realization of those fatal facts, it is necessary, at minimum, to read Surahs 2,3,8,9,47,49 and 61 of the Qur’an plus the Book of Jihad from Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim or Sunan Abu Dawud. For the short course, read this blog post: http://snooper.wordpress.com/whats-wrong-with-islam-muslims/

  2. Yes, very stirring stuff – but I think you will find that the British “have not yet begun to fight” and when they do, it will not be pretty.

    We are slow to anger. Our tolerance is legendary. In fact, we always take decades to react to any major problem – but when we do react we tend to finish the job.

    BTW – When are the Canadians going to react to Moslem colonisation? It’s pointless to sneer at the English when they have exactly the same creature in the room breathing down their necks. They have the same problems as the Brits – just not so advanced. Ask Mark Steyn.

    Another BTW – it was not just help from across the Atlantic that saved Britain in WW2 – don’t forget that it was the Red Army that actually beat the Wehrmacht.

    • Dave N. – “but I think you will find that the British “have not yet begun to fight” and when they do, it will not be pretty.”

      I hope for God’s sake you are right.

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