7 comments on “With Facts I Helped Open Someones Eyes To The Dangers of Islam (YOU CAN TOO)

  1. Hi Damon, I was just wondering I have a 22 year old son who has the same attitude as your friends son and refuses to look into Islam even today after the Paris shootings and the Hotel attack in Mali. I never push it with him but I am frustrated that he will not even look into the situation and just considers me a bigot because of my attitude towards Islam.

    • All I can say maam is that someone will have to educate him and you might be the one who has to do it. I had Chris so mad he was cursing at me and I thought I would never get it into his thick skull that the problem is not us but islam as taught and lived by Muhammad. Try to be ready to answer his questions and most of all call him hard when he uses false equivalences and tries to use thought terminating cliches so he does not have to think about it. AS far as I know education is the only way to win someone over unless they loose someone near and dear to them that changes their emotion driven responses.

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