Become a Citizen Warrior

Do you think that all you can do about Islam is pray? If so, check this site out.

I HIGHLY recommend as it is my very favorite site, besides, because it focuses on things like How to Resist Islamic Encroachment and Still Be Happy, what to do about Islam, What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam, how to deal with hostile reactions when you try to talk to people about Islam, What Possible Good Does It Do To Say Something Negative About Islam, Even If It’s True?, helping children deal with their fears about terrorism, how to educate the public about Islamic supremacism, how to cure feelings of helplessness, how to stop the Jihadis, how to influence your friends, how to stop the Islamic advance , strategies for preventing an Islamic Invasion, strategies for preventing an Islamic political encroachment, how to strengthen the forces of liberty, why you must read the Quran, why Islamic terrorism exists, what to do if you worry about terrorism, what does it say in the Quran?, How to Approach a Conversation About Islam, Early Prevention of Bigotry and Racism, How a Tolerant Country Can Avoid Being a Doormat For Intolerant Countries, ETC.

And maybe best of all, in my opinion, is that the owners are not Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist. I have literally spent days on the site and have interacted with the authors some. I am not sure if they are atheist but the fact that they are not Christian makes these two articles of theirs possibly my favorites from their site. Why I’m Worried About Islam But Not Christianity and What About The Crusades?

The owners have several other sites such as Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims (Read and contribute comments about the challenges of talking to your fellow non-Muslims about the disturbing nature of Islam), Take the Pledge: Read the Quran (Then convince everyone you know to read it too.) and others.

If you have not yet been too tempted and left already, via one of the numerous textlinks above, I think these comments from some of the readers might convince you to visit and become a Citizen Warrior. I hope so. It really is an essential site for the counter-jihad movement.

  • Southern Iconoclast:  “Awesome blog! Thank you. You are really the most well-organized in presentation and thought – and have the most comprehensive information – and are the most well-spoken blogger I’ve ever seen. You’re awesome, Citizen!”
  • anonymous said:  “Excellent post and definetely will fav’ this. What a logical and rational approach to debating Islam without the tit for tat. Thank you”
  • Elisabeth said: “CW, I want to thank you for your continuously insightful articles on what to do against Islam. However, I am very pessimistic about our success. Always have been. But it doesn’t stop me from working hard every day to enlighten people. I am doing this for my little blonde daughter, who must have the right to grow up without Islam.”
  • Civilus Defendus said… “CW,You are just so good. Good at messages, good at human psychology, good at framing the “why” – why it matters, and good for America. In fact, good is not enough, you are EXCELLENT. And I thank you. May all your readers be bothered enough to take action, today. Keep going, CW, we need people like you!”
  • traeh said:  “This is one of the best pieces on Islam I’ve ever read. Without hiding a thing, your piece is nevertheless completely without any tone of hate. It sounds mild and educational. There is no sarcasm. And the fact that you use the concept of memes gives your analysis a sort of scientific style that comports well with the non-emotional, non-hating mood. I was familiar with everything in the piece, but your work helps me to get a much better handle on it. I’m going to be reading your site more. Thank you.”
And the post are full of comments like these in the comment sections. I hope the time I have taken to make this post has convinced you to go to the site and also BECOME A CITIZEN WARRIOR!!!

5 comments on “Become a Citizen Warrior

  1. Islam is a socio-political movement disguised as religion. Mohammed was a brilliant political leader who realized men could be twisted to his own will if he disguised it as the will of “Allah.”

  2. We are also working behind the scenes. We are attempting to expose the truths the media doesn’t want the public to know. Four years+ into it we are doing more and more the operational tempo gets more and more intense to attempt to stop the spread of the the religious PC entity that calls themselves the religion of peace but in actuality are the furthest thing from and in diametric opposition to freedom, truth and peace. It’s nothing more or less than an invasion of our country by sleeper cells and terrorists through our porous southern border via Venezuela where they are building a missile base that can reach the US and thus they can come across the border with impunity as Venezuela nationals rather than Iranian terrorists, Hamas terrorists,……. you get the Idea

    • Hi Sandy,, I know there is a “tractor factory” in Venezuela that is really an Iranian Nuclear facility and that one day many X-Box fanatics, and other leisure addicts are finally going to wake up when their play time is disturbed. I got the idea.

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