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See our write up on ABN


This is a great topic and debators. Like all debates at ABN, the debate will be live and they will take questions from the phone lines towards the end of the debate. So make sure to watch and call in or you can see it in archives within 24 hrs of broadcasting.

Here is a great video to watch and learn about the History of Islam.  This is the first episode of the Jesus or Muhammad Show 2010 fall marathon. Host Samar Gorial and apologist/guest David Wood, Pastor Vance, Tom Trento (From The Florida Security Council) talk about THE SPREAD OF ISLAM and the nature of the beast we face.  The show was live with Muslim and non-Muslim callers. I called in about halfway through the show with a few comments, and my favorite Islamophobe quote,  but wished I would have asked a couple of probing questions instead. This topic has been covered over and over again at ABN and this show is educational and intriguing, as usual.  To learn more about ABN, see our PAGE HERE

You can see the FULL VIDEO HERE. Here is the opening show in 11 YouTubes

SORRY EVERYONE, they did not upload the 12th video so this last one leaves you hanging.

FOR MORE INFO about, see our PAGE

You can see the FULL VIDEO here

For a more brief presentation of this issue, please see these post from AnsweringMuslims.

ABC’s Islam Deception: Did Muhammad Promise “Raisins” or “Virgins” in Paradise?

ABC’s Islam Deception: Are Men and Women Equal in Islam?

David Wood responds to a common Muslim question: “How can God die?”

DON’T MISS THE JESUS OR MUHAMMAD TV SHOW MARATHON on the Aramaic Broadcasting Network!!!

I just watched the first two shows on the first night tonight and it was really, really good. A MUST SEE


It will happen Nov 26 – Dec 11th at ABN is the best Islamic Exposure Ministry out there!!!

Scheduled guest are – Osma Dadok, Dr. James White, Zak Anani, Walid Shoebat, Kamal Sameel, Emory Moss, Matt Slick, IQ Rasooli, Pastor Joseph, Tony Costa, David Wood and others.

If anyone has not heard of the Jesus or Mohammad shows, you can see past episodes and new episodes (within 24 hours of broadcast) here.