NOTE: The backside picture on the bottom shows the graphics to seemingly be tilted a little. That is just the way the shirt hangs on the model. More views are available on the Zazzle Store page.


This conversation provoking Islam shirt utilizes my favorite “historical Islamophobe” Quote “Mahomet established a religion by putting his enemies to death; Jesus Christ by commanding his followers to lay down their lives.” Blaise Pascal


When I first made this blog I experimented with because I wanted some thought provoking T-Shirts to help start conversations about Islam. This shirt reflects the Tagline of this site “LEARN ABOUT ISLAM or learn to say “Allāhu Akbar” (Allah is [the] Greatest)”. Is has the addresses to and [this site] on the front and back BUT THAT CAN BE REMOVED or you can add your own website address. In fact you can totally re-do the shirts anyway you would like because I have it set for customer customization. And if you would like, you can even get a zazzle account and easily create your own shirts from scratch.

I have the Royalty fee (the profit I make from you purchasing this shirt) set as low as Zazzle allows (10%) because I am not really interested in making money. This site and the work I do here are my works for the Lord Jesus Christ. I have freely received and I would set the royalty rate to 0% if I could. Rather than trying to make money, I would like to see as many people as possible wearing PROVOCATIVE ISLAM APPAREL and provoking conversations about Islam every where in the free world. And I would also like to encourage everyone to submit ideas for more PROVOCATIVE ISLAM APPAREL [HERE] and have as many people buying them here or making their own, as possible. I will be setting up a PROVOCATIVE ISLAM APPAREL page on this blog and an PROVOCATIVE ISLAM APPAREL store on the net. Please leave a comment with any interesting PROVOCATIVE ISLAM APPAREL thought and conversation provoking ideas.

I have not yet received this shirt I purchased but will comment here when I get a chance to put it to work and provoke some conversations about Islam. I plan on trying at my corner convenient store, – wish me luck on that 🙂 THANK YOU, Damon Whitsell



  1. Provoking is good, if it’s Christ Centered…. however, if you provoke anger and hatred then that is dangerous and harmful…the person might be killed for wearing negative provocation…We should apply wisdom here (Ephesians 5.15, Matthew 10.16)

    • Hi Marsky,, can you tell me what is unwise or negative about either of these shirts?

      That you say someone might get killed for wearing one of these shirts LOUDLY SAYS VOLUMES about the nature of Islam and Muslims and the fact that something must be done.

      Do you suppose that if someone where to get killed wearing one of these shirts that the blood would be on the Murderers hands, Mine, or people like you who out of fear have allowed the situation with Muslims in America to get this far?

    • Matt. 10:28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

      Psa. 118:6 The LORD is on my side;
      I will not fear.
      What can man do to me?

      Fear is a killer

  2. How about Allatu Akbar ~ Al Lat One of the Daughters of Allah is also great!!

    “In pre-Islamic times, Allah was the supreme creator-god of the Arabs. The goddesses Allat, Manat, and al-Uzza were considered to be his daughters.”

    Read more about Allah’s daughters:

    If Allah saw fit to have three daughters ~ how was Muhammad able to challenge him.

    Then you have to turn to the ‘Book of Idols’.

    Old Arabic writings indicate that Muhammad prayed to Allah and expressed his disapproval about women Goddesses or women anything, above himself ~ he said if I am Allah’s messenger how can these women come before me?

    As a result there is the male centric Islam based around the worship stone of the old Kaaba religion.

    Remember in Koran 53:19 he honors the daughters ~ which last for at least a few months or more ~ because the news had time to spread to Ethiopia [according to Christian researchers].

    The Book of Idols says there were other Kaabas ~ it is very unlikely that the kaaba in Mecca could have had anything to do with the Judeo-Christian religions. Indeed his family looked after the kaaba for 700 years before Islam ~ and the first thing he did when he took out his family members to take Mecca ~ was to run over a kiss the black kaaba stone.

    The Arabian Islamic authority says that intersession is only allowed through the Kaaba stone. There may be no other shrines of similar make. Or no other Allah stones.

  3. . . . if you will ONLY Try to READ, AnALyze, and understand the QURAN Surah Al-Maidah 5:32…, which actually the TEXT that was COPIED by MOHAMMAD in the 6th Century on “Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5” Babylonian TALMUD Tractate 37a Sanhedrin scriptures and was intended for the JEWS only in the land of ISRAEL. . . Please READ and STUDY the QURAN carefully…

    . . . but QURAN Surah AL-Maidah 5:33, “aLLah” COMMANDs Mohammad to TeRRoRize, KiLL, Cut hands, Cut Feet, Cut Heads of the “KuFFaRs”… (i.e.”InFiDeLs”)

    . . . aLsO, If you WiLL only try to ANALYZE that during the 6th Century “MOHAMMAD” received MESSAGES from a “god” stating: (Quran SURAH Al-Fatihah 1:2 and “InJeeL” John 8:44, 2Corinthians 4:4, FirstJohn 4:4)

    . . . The Messenger of aLLaH said: “I have been COMMANDED to FIGHT against people TILL they testify that there is NO god but aLLaH, that Muhammad is the messenger of aLLaH (HaDiTh SaHih MusLim Volume 1:33 page 17, Volume 1:32 p.17) Hadith Tabari on 7:97 and 9:69, Hadith Sahi Bukhari 8:387, 52:220, 52:177)

    . . . WHY is it that . . . IsLaM can NeVeR, eVeR be a good RELIGION because it PrOmOTeS “TeRRoRisT” KiLLingS, SLaVeRy, LyinG (i.e. “TaquiYyaH”), HaTreD, SuBjuGaTioNs, and MaNy BaD PrObLeMs in the WorLd… NoW and ThEn ?!?. . .

    . . . (QURAN Surah Al-Maidah 5:33, Surah Al-Anfal 8:12, 8:39, 8:60-67, Surah An-Nisah 4:76, 4:89, Surah at Taubah 9:5, Surah MOHAMMAD 47:4, Surah at-Taubah 9:29) and aLsO the HaDiTh SaHih MusLim Volume 1:33 page 17, Volume 1:32 p.17, Hadith Tabari on 7:97 and 9:69, Hadith Sahi Bukhari 8:387, 52:220, 52:177)

    …Therefore the OnLy SoLuTioN to be PaRT of GOD’s PeaceFuL, SECURED and LoVinG FaMiLy is to: (Luke 10:20, Lk.23:43, PhiLiPPianes 3:20)
    . . . (1a). BELIEVE in the LORD JESUS CHRIST (Acts 16:30-31, John 3:16-17, 5:24, John 10:10)
    . . . (2b). REPENT all SiNs directly to GOD only (Acts 3:19, 1John 1:9, Prov. 28:13)
    . . . (3c). RECEIVE Jesus CHRIST as your LORD, SAVIOR & MASTER (Roma.10:8-10, John 1:12-13)…

    …Heavenly FATHER GOD, I thank you for your love & mercy. I BELIEVE that JESUS CHRIST died for my sins and rose again. I am now REPENTING my sins and ask you to FORGIVE and CLEANSE me from ALL my INIQUITIES. And now Father GOD…I am RECEIVING Jesus Christ as my LORD and SAVIOR. Lead me through your HOLY SPIRIT to live in the way that pleases and glorify you… Thank you for RESTORING me and giving me a RIGHT relationship with you… I give you all the honour and glory in JESUS name… Amen. (1John 5:11-13, ROMA. 10:8-10)…

    . . . *JESUS GOD*… is GREAT !!! Be the PoWeR, MaJesTy, PrAiSe & GLoRy FoReVeRmoRE !!! (“InJeeL” Acts 2:32, John 20:28, John 13:13, Titus 2:13, Mark 12:30-31, Hebrews 13:8, 1john 5:7, 2Tim. 1:7, “AnBeeYAH” IsA. 41:10, IsA.54:17, IsA. 26:1-4, PHILIPPIANES 4:6-7, “ToRaH” 15:26, “ZaBooR” Psalm 91:1-16, 103:1-5, Psalm 23:1-6, Proverbs 10:22, PHILIPPIANES 4:6-7, 4:13, 2:5-11, 4:19, Revelation 7:11-12 AMP)

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